About Us

Drs. Mark and Jill Kauffman

Drs. Mark and Jill Kauffman are the founders and overseeing Apostles of Jubilee Ministries International City Church in New Castle, PA (JMI). Their Ministry expands over 34 years. Through the word of knowledge and the gifts of healing and prophecy, they see many miracles as they minister the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Dr. Mark Kauffman received his Doctorate of Divinity from Tabernacle Bible School and University. Dr. Jill Kauffman received her Doctorate of Divinity from Tabernacle Bible School & Seminary.

Dr. Kauffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Destiny Developers, Kingdom Broadcasting Network Studios (KBN),

and the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania. The CCCP equips, trains and commissions mane and women into the marketplace to influence their sphere with the Kingdom of Heaven In 2017, Dr. Kauffman added author to his credentials when he penned The Presence Driven Leader. This book is filled with 700 quotes that serve as a clarion call to awaken the Presence Driven Leader in its reader and quicken them to the purpose and plan of God in their lives. In 2022, Dr. Kauffman launched his newest book, “Kings Arise”.

Drs. Mark and Jill Kauffman have also successfully owned and operated Butz Flowers, Gifts and Home Decor, the oldest florist in the United States and ranked in the top 500 of 30,000 florists nationwide.

Dr. Jill Kauffman is also the co-owner of Kingdom Couture, LLC, carrying fine women’s clothing and jewelry.

Drs. Mark and Jill Kauffman are thrilled and blessed to have Minister Floyd Martin and Minister IBN Ali to oversee the new ATAP church in Escondido California (San Diego County), as a satellite church of Jubilee Ministries, Int.

For more information about their ministries and businesses, visit DrMarkKauffman.org

Floyd Martin, Co-Owner ATAP, LLC

God has uniquely hidden me in the earth and prepared me for this new move of God.  We have never gone this way before and we are the trailblazers.  I have been a self-employed entrepreneur my entire life, starting with a lawn mowing business in the 4th grade. I have been a hard working and I understand the power of leverage and compounding effort and interest to create wealth.

I have also been the owner of a mortgage banking company and a painting contracting business. Additionally, I have written movie scripts and owned a film production company. I’ve also considered running for public office in government and I may still do that.   With all the life experience, it has led me up to the steward of ATAP, LLC

God has been preparing me to help people rise in their giftings and assignments, as well as business and ministry is the anointing and calling of God on my life.  He has called me to steward the vision of ATAP for the purposes of Raising Kings and Priests in the Kingdom fight of faith.  Myself and Ibn have been uniquely positioned to work with many mighty men and women of God to help them fulfill their visions. We are looking forward to helping you navigate to the fulfillment of your God given dreams and assignments.

Ibn Ali, Co-Owner ATAP, LLC

I was born into the Ali family; my father is the brother of Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer that has ever lived. My mother is an anointed woman of God.  God spoke to her about me before she knew I was in the womb.  The Holy Spirit spoke to her on Lake Michigan and told her she was pregnant with a boy and that I would be used for HIS Glory. I have been on the journey to this destination my entire life. I entered professional boxing and followed in my uncle’s and Father’s footsteps, yet with a call to bring restoration to my linage.

I am also the former Cruiser Weight campion, but my true calling is to be a 5-fold Apostolic Leader.

My heart is to see people restored and walking in the fullness of their God appointed calling.  I have studied the Kingdom of God under Myles Monroe, as well as under my Spiritual Father and Mother, Drs. Mark and Jill Kauffman.  The Kingdom is what empowers you.  Matthew 6:33 – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.  When you enter the Kingdom of God, All Things Are Possible.  So, let’s get ready to rumble and fight the good fight of faith:  The Kingdom Fight!

How ATAP, LLC Was Born

ATAP, LLC was born from a movie script called the Eliminator written by Floyd Martin in 2009. It was a mixed martial Arts movie script about a young man who comes to America and finds himself in a reality TV show for after saving the host from a potential beating.  He is in the battle of his life and for his faith to believe that he can carry on.  He is going against the odds of what seems possible and finds himself calling on God for help.  Victory is just atap away.    He calls on God after a serious injury and finds the strength to carry on in the battle.  In life we need to find faith and Hope in the word of God and that is what ATAP provides as it is an acronym for All Things Are Possible.  When we believe in God we are no longer limited by the things of earth.  We find our help in a heavenly dimension that is not limited to the time and space of this world.  With Men things are impossible. With God, All Things Are Possible and places our identity and origin in the creator of the universe, Jesus Christ.

ATAP All Things Are Possible is found several times in scripture:  Mathew 19:26, Mark 9:23 Mark 10:27 and again in Mark 14:36 But with God All Things Are Possible.  When we believe in God there is nothing we cannot achieve!   It is with this belief we find FREEDOM in the Kingdom of God and can climb to the top of the 7 mountains of wisdom and influence.  It is with this belief we take the first step towards accomplishing any goal we set to achieve.  With God, the Kingdom Empowers You with the Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge to walk as King Solomon in the earth.  When we believe All Things Are Possible, we begin to take actions to achieve the impossible and discover knowledge of witty ideas from the creator of the universe.  We can occupy and rise to new FREEDOM in the Kingdom when we believe All Things Are Possible.  You are just ATAP away from your DREAM so go ahead and do rare extraordinary actions mentally.