We are honored to be a satellite church of Jubilee Ministries, Int. (JMI), New Castle PA. JMI is overseen by Drs. Mark and Jill Kauffman. The purpose of this ministry is to be an apostolic hub for the Kingdom of God in California. Our mission is simple: To equip and empower people to fulfill their assignments in the 7 mountains of influence. We have various key business resources to help you on your journey!

Our Ministry Exists To Empower You!

Connect with us in each of the areas of our Ministry and Business Resources

In these uncertain times, creating financial stability through business or other areas of wealth creation is vital. Explore our tools that could help you and your family with long-term financial freedom.

Healthy relationships are the cornerstone of happiness and living a full life. Relationships with God, family and friends is a key to life-long happiness. Explore our relationship freedom tools.

Obtaining a good education is key in all areas of life. From career path choices, to financial success, it provides overall stability. Explore tools that can help you achieve educational freedom at any age.

Entertainment & Arts are powerful and influential forces that shape our culture and society. From social media, to filmmaking, TV and performing arts, explore our entertainment freedom outlets.

ATAP TV is a live online meeting that happens every week to help you with strategies using your God given power to get wealth. We focus on strategies in health and wellness, as well as real estate and finance.

Zoom With Us allows you to participate in prayer calls on the following dates and times:

Mon – Fri: 5:30 am PST / 8:30 EST

Sun – 7:30 am PST / 10:30 EST

Our ministry is fully supported by your donations. We appreciate any funds you can provide to help us grow our ministry in California. We are a brand new satellite church of Jubilee Ministries Int.